Palworld Structure List

Wheat Plantation Icon

Wheat Plantation

Tomato Plantation Icon

Tomato Plantation

Lettuce Plantation Icon

Lettuce Plantation

Berry Plantation Icon

Berry Plantation

Feed Box Icon

Feed Box

Wooden Foundation Icon

Wooden Foundation

Wooden Wall Icon

Wooden Wall

Wooden Wall and Window Icon

Wooden Wall and Window

Wooden Triangular Wall Icon

Wooden Triangular Wall

Wooden Roof Icon

Wooden Roof

Wooden Slanted Roof Icon

Wooden Slanted Roof

Wooden Stairs Icon

Wooden Stairs

Wooden Door Icon

Wooden Door

Wooden Defensive Wall Icon

Wooden Defensive Wall

Wooden Gate Icon

Wooden Gate

Stone Foundation Icon

Stone Foundation

Stone Wall Icon

Stone Wall

Stone Wall and Window Icon

Stone Wall and Window

Stone Triangular Wall Icon

Stone Triangular Wall

Stone Slanted Roof Icon

Stone Slanted Roof

Stone Roof Icon

Stone Roof

Stone Stairs Icon

Stone Stairs

Stone Door Icon

Stone Door

Defensive Wall Icon

Defensive Wall

Stone Gate Icon

Stone Gate

Metal Foundation Icon

Metal Foundation

Metal Wall Icon

Metal Wall

Metal Wall and Window Icon

Metal Wall and Window

Metal Triangular Wall Icon

Metal Triangular Wall

Metal Roof Icon

Metal Roof

Metal Slanted Roof Icon

Metal Slanted Roof

Metal Stairs Icon

Metal Stairs

Metal Door Icon

Metal Door

Metal Defensive Wall Icon

Metal Defensive Wall

Iron Gate Icon

Iron Gate

Mounted Crossbow Icon

Mounted Crossbow

Mounted Machine Gun Icon

Mounted Machine Gun

Mounted Gatling Gun Icon

Mounted Gatling Gun

Mounted Missile Launcher Icon

Mounted Missile Launcher

Sandbag Icon


Power Generator Icon

Power Generator

Great Eagle Statue Icon

Great Eagle Statue

Wooden Chest Icon

Wooden Chest

Metal Chest Icon

Metal Chest

Refined Metal Chest Icon

Refined Metal Chest

Human Bed Icon

Human Bed

Shoddy Bed Icon

Shoddy Bed

Fine Bed Icon

Fine Bed

Shipping Box Icon

Shipping Box

Weapon Chest Icon

Weapon Chest

Statue of Power Icon

Statue of Power

Heater Icon


Electric Heater Icon

Electric Heater

Cooler Icon


Electric Cooler Icon

Electric Cooler

Mounted Torch Icon

Mounted Torch

Wall Torch Icon

Wall Torch

Lamp Icon


Ceiling Lamp Icon

Ceiling Lamp

Large Mounted Lamp Icon

Large Mounted Lamp

Large Ceiling Lamp Icon

Large Ceiling Lamp

Bear Trap (Small) Icon

Bear Trap (Small)

Bear Trap (Large) Icon

Bear Trap (Large)

Hanging Trap Icon

Hanging Trap

Moving panels

Electric Mine Icon

Electric Mine

Ice Mine Icon

Ice Mine

Mine Icon


Straw Pal Bed Icon

Straw Pal Bed

Fluffy Pal Bed Icon

Fluffy Pal Bed

Large Pal Bed Icon

Large Pal Bed

Palbox Icon


Viewing Cage Icon

Viewing Cage

Pal Essence Condenser Icon

Pal Essence Condenser

Sphere Workbench Icon

Sphere Workbench

Sphere Assembly Line Icon

Sphere Assembly Line

Sphere Assembly Line II Icon

Sphere Assembly Line II

Superior Sphere Factory Ⅰ Icon

Superior Sphere Factory Ⅰ

Superior Sphere Factory Ⅱ Icon

Superior Sphere Factory Ⅱ

Superior Sphere Factory Ⅲ Icon

Superior Sphere Factory Ⅲ

Egg Incubator Icon

Egg Incubator

Hot Spring Icon

Hot Spring

High Quality Hot Spring Icon

High Quality Hot Spring

Primitive Furnace Icon

Primitive Furnace

Improved Furnace Icon

Improved Furnace

Electric Furnace Icon

Electric Furnace

Campfire Icon


Cooking Pot Icon

Cooking Pot

Electric Kitchen Icon

Electric Kitchen

High Quality Workbench Icon

High Quality Workbench

Production Assembly Line Icon

Production Assembly Line

Production Assembly Line II Icon

Production Assembly Line II

Medieval Medicine Workbench Icon

Medieval Medicine Workbench

Electric Medicine Workbench Icon

Electric Medicine Workbench

Stone Pit Icon

Stone Pit

Weapon Workbench Icon

Weapon Workbench

Weapon Assembly Line Icon

Weapon Assembly Line

Weapon Assembly Line II Icon

Weapon Assembly Line II

Weapon Factory Icon

Weapon Factory

Water Well Icon

Water Well

Primitive Workbench Icon

Primitive Workbench

Logging Site Icon

Logging Site

Pal Gear Workbench Icon

Pal Gear Workbench

Crusher Icon


Wood dismantling tables

Mill Icon


Breeding Farm Icon

Breeding Farm

Repair Bench Icon

Repair Bench

Large Toolbox Icon

Large Toolbox

ToolBox Icon


Flame Cauldron Icon

Flame Cauldron

Water Fountain Icon

Water Fountain

Flower Bed Icon

Flower Bed

Silo Icon


Stump and Axe Icon

Stump and Axe

Pickaxe and Helmet Icon

Pickaxe and Helmet

Witch Cauldron Icon

Witch Cauldron

Snowman Icon


Electric Pylon Icon

Electric Pylon

Monitoring Stand Icon

Monitoring Stand

Cooler Box Icon

Cooler Box

Refrigerator Icon


Sign Icon


Ranch Icon


Training Dummy Icon

Training Dummy

Alarm Bell Icon

Alarm Bell

Wooden Barrel Icon

Wooden Barrel

Wooden Box Icon

Wooden Box

Wooden Shelf Icon

Wooden Shelf

Wooden Barrel Shelf Icon

Wooden Barrel Shelf

Wooden Wall Shelf Icon

Wooden Wall Shelf

Antique Bookshelf Icon

Antique Bookshelf

Antique Wardrobe Icon

Antique Wardrobe

Antique Chest Icon

Antique Chest

Antique Side Chest Icon

Antique Side Chest

Iron Wall Shelf Icon

Iron Wall Shelf

Antique Cabinet Icon

Antique Cabinet

Antique Long Cabinet Icon

Antique Long Cabinet

Large Antique Cabinet Icon

Large Antique Cabinet

Antique Wall Cabinet Icon

Antique Wall Cabinet

Iron Shelf Icon

Iron Shelf

Long Iron Shelf Icon

Long Iron Shelf

Orange Locker Icon

Orange Locker

Locker Icon


Large Container Icon

Large Container

Small Container Icon

Small Container

Cloth Covered Container Icon

Cloth Covered Container

Square Table Icon

Square Table

Round Table Icon

Round Table

Wooden Bench Icon

Wooden Bench

Wooden Stool Icon

Wooden Stool

Wooden Bar Stool Icon

Wooden Bar Stool

Wooden Chair Icon

Wooden Chair

Wooden Decorative Wall Shelf Icon

Wooden Decorative Wall Shelf

Wooden Counter Icon

Wooden Counter

Houseplant Icon


Houseplant and Chair Icon

Houseplant and Chair

Tabletop Houseplant Icon

Tabletop Houseplant

Potted Houseplant Icon

Potted Houseplant

Big Wall Ivy Icon

Big Wall Ivy

Small Wall Ivy Icon

Small Wall Ivy

Horizontal Wall Ivy Icon

Horizontal Wall Ivy

Antique Carpet Icon

Antique Carpet

Antique Red Carpet Icon

Antique Red Carpet

Antique Green Carpet Icon

Antique Green Carpet

Antique Long Carpet Icon

Antique Long Carpet

Antique Wooden Chair Icon

Antique Wooden Chair

Antique Green Wooden Chair Icon

Antique Green Wooden Chair

Antique Stool Icon

Antique Stool

Antique Desk Icon

Antique Desk

Antique Round Table Icon

Antique Round Table

Antique Dresser Icon

Antique Dresser

Antique Armchair Icon

Antique Armchair

Antique Couch Icon

Antique Couch

Antique Ottoman Icon

Antique Ottoman

Antique Bathtub Icon

Antique Bathtub

Antique Braided Basket Icon

Antique Braided Basket

Antique Partition Icon

Antique Partition

Antique Towel Rack Icon

Antique Towel Rack

Antique Oval Mirror Icon

Antique Oval Mirror

Antique Mirror Icon

Antique Mirror

Antique Wall Mirror Icon

Antique Wall Mirror

Grand Piano Icon

Grand Piano

Upright Piano Icon

Upright Piano

Antique Washstand Icon

Antique Washstand

Antique Toilet Icon

Antique Toilet

Antique Toilet Paper Holder Icon

Antique Toilet Paper Holder

Antique Curtain Icon

Antique Curtain

Antique Globe Icon

Antique Globe

Antique Stove Icon

Antique Stove

Wall Clock Icon

Wall Clock

Antique Grandfather Clock Icon

Antique Grandfather Clock

Iron Chair Icon

Iron Chair

Iron Stool Icon

Iron Stool

Round Iron Table Icon

Round Iron Table

Iron Desk Icon

Iron Desk

Ironwood Side Table Icon

Ironwood Side Table

Ironwood Table Icon

Ironwood Table

Ironwood Low Table Icon

Ironwood Low Table

Cable Reel Icon

Cable Reel

Garbage Bag Icon

Garbage Bag

Earthen Pipe Icon

Earthen Pipe

Tire Icon


Red Metal Barrel Icon

Red Metal Barrel

Blue Metal Barrel Icon

Blue Metal Barrel

Green Metal Barrel Icon

Green Metal Barrel

Leather Chair Icon

Leather Chair

Leather Armchair Icon

Leather Armchair

Leather Couch Icon

Leather Couch

Frog Chair Icon

Frog Chair

Soccer Goal Icon

Soccer Goal

Claw Crane Icon

Claw Crane

Cola Vending Machine Icon

Cola Vending Machine

Old TV Icon

Old TV

Emergency Exit Ceiling Sign Icon

Emergency Exit Ceiling Sign

Emergency Exit Wall Sign Icon

Emergency Exit Wall Sign

Traffic Cone Icon

Traffic Cone

Fat Traffic Cone Icon

Fat Traffic Cone

Skinny Traffic Cone Icon

Skinny Traffic Cone

Traffic Light Icon

Traffic Light

No Pals Beyond Sign Icon

No Pals Beyond Sign

Stop Sign Icon

Stop Sign

Beware of Eikthyrdeer Sign Icon

Beware of Eikthyrdeer Sign

Beware of Mammorest Sign Icon

Beware of Mammorest Sign

Barricade Icon


Orange Barricade Icon

Orange Barricade

Red Iron Barricade Icon

Red Iron Barricade

White Iron Barricade Icon

White Iron Barricade

Iron Fence Icon

Iron Fence

Tuppanyan sticker

Fur rug Icon

Fur rug

Brick Fireplace Icon

Brick Fireplace

Fireplace Icon


Simple Street Lamp Icon

Simple Street Lamp

Double Street Lamp Icon

Double Street Lamp

Retro Street Lamp Icon

Retro Street Lamp

Stylish Street Lamp Icon

Stylish Street Lamp

Antique Brown Floor Lamp Icon

Antique Brown Floor Lamp

Antique Red Floor Lamp Icon

Antique Red Floor Lamp

Chandelier Icon


Wall Lamp Icon

Wall Lamp