Palworld Breeding Combos & Calculator

Breeding Guide

How the breeding calculator works

Select the desired Pal to see their breeding combinations between two seperate tables.

The "Parent Combinations" table contains all of the possbile parent combinations that can breed the desired Pal. The "Child Combinations" table contains all of the possible mate combinations that the desired Pal can breed with along with the offspring that they produce.

Within each table, all listed Pals that are NOT the selected Pal are clickable, which will trigger a popup which displays their parent combinations, effectively giving you the grandparent breeding combinations. Clicking another Pal that is not the selected Pal, will replace the initially selected Pal.

How breeding in Palworld works

In Palworld, every Pal has a stat that is used to determine what offspring they will produce, which we'll refer to as the "Breeding" stat. This number is hardcoded by the game devs, currently ranging from 10 to 1500.

The formula involves taking one parent's Breeding stat and averaging that number with the other parent's Breeding stat.

It should be noted that there are a handful of exceptions to the formula.