It burns mysterious dark matter as energy and expels the remaining particles from its body. If someone rides it, they should take care so as not to gallop down the path of darkness.

Item Drops



Partner Skill
Black Hare

Can be ridden. Applies COMMON_ELEMENT_NAME_Dark damage to the player's attacks while mounted.

Active Skills
Ignis Blast
Lvl 1

Hurls a ball of fire straight at an enemy.

Power: 30

Cooldown: 2

Range: 500 - 5000

Shadow Burst
Lvl 7

Quickly discharges dark energy, damaging those around it.

Power: 55

Cooldown: 10

Range: 0 - 300

Ignis Breath
Lvl 15

Shoots flames at an enemy, dealing continuous damage.

Power: 70

Cooldown: 15

Range: 500 - 1500

Spirit Flame
Lvl 22

Fires three balls of malice that relentlessly pursue an enemy.

Power: 75

Cooldown: 16

Range: 500 - 5000

Dark Charge
Lvl 30

Charges forward while clad in a veil of dark flames. Flames continue to burn in its trajectory.

Power: 85

Cooldown: 14

Range: 0 - 2500

Ignis Rage
Lvl 40

Energizes the surrounding ground, causing it to explode after a set amount of time.

Power: 120

Cooldown: 40

Range: 100 - 1000

Dark Laser
Lvl 50

Charges dark energy before blasting enemies with a powerful beam.

Power: 150

Cooldown: 55

Range: 500 - 1800