Surprisingly, it is unrelated to <characterName id=|Penguin|/>. Ever wanting to be the center of attention, this Pal will strut its stuff for any onlookers.

Item Drops



Partner Skill
Brave Sailor

While fighting together, COMMON_ELEMENT_NAME_Fire Pals drop more items when defeated.

Active Skills
Aqua Gun
Lvl 1

Hurls a ball of water straight at an enemy.

Power: 40

Cooldown: 4

Range: 500 - 5000

Lvl 7

Summons a sharp ice lance under an enemy.

Power: 70

Cooldown: 15

Range: 100 - 9999

Emperor Slide
Lvl 15

Lies on its belly while generating frozen air all around it before sliding at enemies at high speed.

Power: 70

Cooldown: 10

Range: 500 - 3000

Cryst Breath
Lvl 22

Enshrouds an enemy in a frigid blast of air, dealing continuous damage.

Power: 90

Cooldown: 22

Range: 100 - 1000

Aqua Burst
Lvl 30

Creates a giant ball of water and hurls it at an enemy.

Power: 100

Cooldown: 30

Range: 1000 - 9999

Blizzard Spike
Lvl 40

It deals damage to those in the surrounding area upon impact.

Power: 130

Cooldown: 45

Range: 1000 - 9999

Hydro Laser
Lvl 50

Shoots pressurized water at extreme velocities, sweeping over a wide area in front of it.

Power: 150

Cooldown: 55

Range: 500 - 1800