Despite its appearance, <characterName id=|AmaterasuWolf|/> is extremely sensitive and will flee into a cave when spooked. Long ago, it was considered an ill omen if one were found nearby.

Item Drops



Partner Skill
Clear Mind

Can be ridden. Unaffected by the cold or heat while riding this Pal.

Active Skills
Ignis Blast
Lvl 1

Hurls a ball of fire straight at an enemy.

Power: 30

Cooldown: 2

Range: 500 - 5000

Spirit Fire
Lvl 7

The fireballs explode after a short distance, generating smaller fireballs that spread forward.

Power: 45

Cooldown: 7

Range: 1000 - 3000

Spirit Flame
Lvl 15

Fires three balls of malice that relentlessly pursue an enemy.

Power: 75

Cooldown: 16

Range: 500 - 5000

Daring Flames
Lvl 22

Charges forward with great speed while clad in intense blue flames.

Power: 75

Cooldown: 10

Range: 1000 - 3500

Flare Storm
Lvl 30

Generates two flaming tornadoes on either side before launching them at an enemy.

Power: 80

Cooldown: 18

Range: 700 - 3000

Ignis Rage
Lvl 40

Energizes the surrounding ground, causing it to explode after a set amount of time.

Power: 120

Cooldown: 40

Range: 100 - 1000

Fire Ball
Lvl 50

The ball explodes over a wide area upon impact.

Power: 150

Cooldown: 55

Range: 500 - 9999