In ancient times, carnivorous Pals pursued them relentlessly. The absurd fury in the cries of <characterName id=|FlameBuffalo|/> transformed into a raging inferno, which has been passed on to this day.

Item Drops



Partner Skill
Warm Body

Can be ridden. Keeps the rider warm in cold environments.

Active Skills
Ignis Blast
Lvl 1

Hurls a ball of fire straight at an enemy.

Power: 30

Cooldown: 2

Range: 500 - 5000

Blazing Horn
Lvl 7

Takes aim and rushes at an enemy with a mad dash.

Power: 50

Cooldown: 9

Range: 1000 - 2500

Spirit Fire
Lvl 15

The fireballs explode after a short distance, generating smaller fireballs that spread forward.

Power: 45

Cooldown: 7

Range: 1000 - 3000

Flare Arrow
Lvl 22

Fires three flaming arrows in succession that home in on an enemy.

Power: 55

Cooldown: 10

Range: 500 - 5000

Ignis Breath
Lvl 30

Shoots flames at an enemy, dealing continuous damage.

Power: 70

Cooldown: 15

Range: 500 - 1500

Ignis Rage
Lvl 40

Energizes the surrounding ground, causing it to explode after a set amount of time.

Power: 120

Cooldown: 40

Range: 100 - 1000

Fire Ball
Lvl 50

The ball explodes over a wide area upon impact.

Power: 150

Cooldown: 55

Range: 500 - 9999