PalWorld DPS Meter - Beta Release

DPS Meter Guide

How to use the DPS Meter

1. Download the application @

2. Launch PalWorld through Steam, and launch PalWorldTrainer.exe (order does not matter).

    a. Steam is the only tested version

    b. Windows Defender might report a false positive. Until this is fixed, add an exclusion to Windows Defender.

3. After a few seconds, the DPS window should appear.

Other Notes

    - To start a new encounter, click the blue rectangle in the top right of the DPS window.

    - To review all encounters, right-click the DPS Meter title bar

    - To navigate the DPS meter, you might need to hit escape to get cursor control.

How the DPS Meter works

The DPS Meter hooks into the game code and tracks when damage is dealt.

Unlike our previous DPS Meter for Lost Ark, this app hooks the game code instead of the network, to make it easier for you, the user.

The underlying technology relies on Unreal Engine's reflection, surfaced up into a C# library (

Where can I get support or brag about my damage?

For support, join our community discord @

For bragging, feel to share within our discord log-share channel or anywhere else you see fit.

Release Notes - February 18

    - Initial Release with basic functionality